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Jetfry Food Industry is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of range of the Corn Puffs Snacks, Sweet Cream Bites, Fryums and Papad Pipe Products. It is made from high value of nutrition value ingredients. Our range of Corn Puffs and Bites is highly demanded for its Crispiness, Crunchiness and taste. Our products can be served at anytime of the day with some drink ar as an evening snacks. More details please log on to
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Chocolate Bites Chocolate Bites is made from corn, rice, wheat flour with cream. Its call also multigrain products as well. More details please visit on
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Puffed Extruded Snacks and Fryums Jetfry Food Industry manufacturing and supplying Puffed Snacks and Fryums which is made from Corn and rice. Our products are Corn Triangles, Pasta, Penny, Soya Stick and Kurkure. More details please visit
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Soya with Corn and Rice new Soya Stick We made soya stick which is raw and made from corn, rice and soya. Just need to fry and add masala which one you like. So make your choice of soya stick.
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Corn and Rice is good for health. Corn Puffed Snacks made from Corn and Rice. Corn Pasta good for health. We are manufacturer and supplier of all over India. More details please visit